Does Adclick Xpress (ACX) Pay? Absolutely yes! AdclickXpress News and Withdrawal Proof #35

If you are reading this post, you might be wondering, “Does AdclickXpress Pay?”

Well, we are so excited to report, we received our next withdrawal from AdclickXpress! (Payment #35)
When we re-discovered ACX just over a month ago, we had no idea, what an exciting ride this would be! When you earn 36% a week your money grows at lightning speed and it really doesn’t get any easier to make money online!

September 22nd Update: Adclick Xpress Now Pays 7% a Day, 42% a Week! Join now to tale advantage of this amazing Opportunity to Earn back 150% in 25 Days!

We were members in Just Been Paid and Profitclicking back in 2012/2013 and had no idea, Adclickxpress
was alive and well and paying daily until just recently. We could not believe that they have been paying members for
2 years and we were not part of it….lol
But thankfully, it’s never too late to start making money from home with Adclick Xpress.
We jumped in with both feet and are well on our way to create a great Online Income with Ad Click Xpress.

Here is some great info from today’s Adclick Xpress Update:

You receive a 10% Commission each time your Referral (i.e. someone you Sponsor)
purchases New Ad or Media Packs. If you can share ACX with several people and
build up a large downline, the 10% Referral Commissions can add up fast!

There are ways to get paid by ACX without purchasing Ad Packs, but we still
recommend finding ways to save money by spending less on things that don’t
really have much value. If you can save even $10 a day, you could spend that
$300 each month and earn 150% in 30 days. That’s enough to start building for
your future.

Also check out our Blog at
to find out how you can make Money with ACX for less money than it takes to take your family out to the movies. We show you a step by step aproach how to create an average Daily Income of  $20 to $30 starting immediately.

Adclick Xpress is paying daily withdrawals, members are happy….So definitely no scam here.

All we do is log in a couple times a day, surf a few web sites and hit the
“Get Paid Now” Button….it doesn’t get any easier to make money online!

Join us at

Here is our Adclick Xpress Withdrawal Proof:

Transfer 30004661340: Approved
Created at: August 14, 2015 01:23 :: Updated at: August 14, 2015 01:23

Transaction ID : adclickxpress52a7d36df181356e136a
Sender: adclickxpress
Amount: $51.52
Fee: $1.64
Net Amount: $49.88
Currency: USD
Note: Ad Click Xpress Withdraw 2xxxxx7-151427
Status: Approved
Refund Now


NEW: We pay our New Adcklick Xpress Members 50% of our Referral Commissions!
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